A day in the life of the Admin Team

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Our team is made up of four people, we all have our individual strengths in the department and work as a great team to get the job completed on a daily basis.

Let us tell you about our typical day in the admin office. Our working day starts at 7am:

  • Designating blood results to clinicians, ensuring results are dealt with, within time frames.
  • Completing tasks which could be initiated from any services within the community or here at the GP practice
  • Managing emails, e-Consults and sadly we do deal with patient bereavements (processing of death certificates and cremation information).
  • We receive letters consistently throughout the day from hospitals (which run into the 100’s). We read code all the relevant medical information onto our patients records and then pass on to our clinicians.
  • We also summarise new patient records, manage cervical screening and manage waiting lists for the practice which include home visits for our housebound patients, minor surgery and IUCD’s.
  • Every birthday month we send invites or appointments out to our patients with long term conditions such as Asthma, Diabetes, COPD

When we return from lunch our afternoon is pretty much the same as the morning, but we always have a big smile on our faces and just get on with it.

We are a fab team and are usually ready to go home by 5pm and see our families to be back in fully refreshed at 7am the next morning.