Private Medical Services

Private Services, Letters & Reports

You may have to pay a fee for certain private work that is not covered by the NHS. These fees reflect the time it takes for the doctor to look at your medical records and admin time to complete the forms.

Please note that there is usually a turnaround of at least 28 days, to schedule time in for this work to be undertaken by a GP as computer and historic paper records need to be checked. Please don’t leave these to the last minute as if you do, your request may not be possible to fulfil. Services include things like private health certificates, insurance claim forms, HGV/taxi medicals and some travel vaccinations.

Payment is required in advance by cash or cheque. We do not accept credit/debit cards.

Please be aware that some of the charges for access to a copy of patient records have been amended to reflect the General Data Protection Regulations Please ask the Secretarial Team for details.