Sexual Health


Brook provides free and confidential sexual health and wellbeing services for nearly 250,000 young people UK-wide, each year.

 They provide help and support on:

  • Contraception
  • Pregnancy
  • STI’s
  • Gender
  • Abuse & Violence
  • Wellbeing
  • Relationships

 To find out more, visit their website

Sexual Health – NHS

The NHS offer free sexual health advice and guidance on the NHS website, including sex facts, advice and support for genital health and STI information.

Click here to visit the webpage for more information.

Alternatively you can National Sexual Health Helpline, provided by Public Health England on 0300 123 7123. Lines are open Monday to Friday, 9am-8pm. 

You can also find them on Facebook:

Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal Discharge

Common causes for vaginal discharge include bacterial vaginosis (BV) and thrush (Candida). These are not sexually transmitted infections although it is recommended to have a sexual health screen if they keep coming back. Advice on BV and thrush as well as tips on how to treat any symptoms you have can be found on the links below.

Website: bacterial-vaginosis

Website: thrush-in-men-and-women