A day in the life of a Practice Nurse

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Ever wondered what a day of work looks like for a Practice Nurse? – Now you can find all about it!

My working week is never the same; in fact day to day it varies a lot!

I am the Lead nurse at Fountain which means I must ensure that all my team are up to date with current guidelines, policies, and protocol changes (& there have been lots of these in the pandemic!)

We now work in a very different way to ensure patient safety where we can.

As a team we realised that some of what we do can be done over the telephone and didn’t require a face to face appointment, this has worked very well…however (us nurses like people face to face and we miss that person contact).

I start my day by safety checking the fridge temperature. Then I look at my clinic list to ensure my patients have been booked appropriately with the right clinician.

As the day progress my clinic never looks like it did at the onset as I respond to telephone queries and advise other team members on issues, they may have both clinically and non-clinically.

As I mentioned previous no two days are the same! Our days look very organized and planned but there is always a ‘can you just fit this…….in?‘ or ‘would you be able to just…..?‘ and the word nurse does define as ‘to care’ and so we always try to oblige, provided it can be done in a safe manner.

The day passes very quickly and sometimes I don’t see another professional for hours at a time as I am consumed in my patient’s appointments. This is all part of being a Practice Nurse.