Did you know there is a rise in asthma attacks in September when children go back to school?

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In the UK a child is admitted to hospital every 20 minutes because of an asthma attack. However, the number of children needing emergency treatment doubles in September compared to August. This is called the “September surge”

Why the Surge?

  • Exposure to triggers-particularly cold and flu virus and weather change
  • Reduced inhaled steroids or a break in normal routine over the summer holidays which reduces the protective benefit on the airways
  • New schools/teachers and routines-can increase stress
  • Air Pollution

Top Tips to avoid the September Surge

  • Keep a regular routine with preventer inhalers during the summer months
  • Know your asthma action plan – make sure you know what to do in an emergency
  • Manage your triggers – it is important to know what makes your asthma worse
  • Make sure your new school teachers know you have asthma
  • If you need to use your reliever inhaler more often (or you are using it more than TWICE a week) book an asthma review